I can’t even remember which day it was that Eela and I attempted the masses at Voodoo doughnuts while she was here, it was such a food sprawl that it’s hard to configure which event coincided with the next. I think it happened the day we walked through PSU campus, finding our way to the original location from there. The line was whack, as it usually is. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of donuts. I like the occasional cake donut now and then (the blandest of bland, I know) but don’t think I’ll turn down an opportunity to try a new food craze, despite however touristy it is. That’s exactly why I first went with Eela a couple years back. Some episode on the travel channel had aired to spread the word about this 24-hour donut joint and really, that’s all it took to get me excited, I remember it being on a small list of things we had to do when I visited Eela. And even though those lines can suck the very last of your energy, as you’re slowly dragged a few inches further throughout an hour or two, you’re revitalized the minute you get that pink box, you’ve become apart of something people get excited about which makes the act itself something exciting. I tried to bring a box home to my family, the donuts were a day old and after the flight looked unrecognizable as they were squished entirely. I remember trying the “arnold palmer” donut, it had a fruit loop garnish and had pop rocks on it. Back then, we traveled on foot to do everything so that visit to Voodoo was an ordeal, we felt exhausted and like we had truly accomplished something. All to buy a box of donuts? I love the novelty of a trend, it’s what makes those moments worth while. But two years later with I guess a lazier approach, we saw the line and fled. I think for your first time, it’s only right to go to the original location, it just feeds what you really anticipated, the look and feel of the place, the satisfaction of that long-awaited donut. But after that one time, why not venture to location two which is always half the wait time and is less than a mile away from where I live?Β 

The original location has this classically grunge-like vibe to it, the employees included, mostly good-looking and grumpy, an oddly satisfying combination. The second locations’ decor had a completely different feel but I think I loved it more, it had mad quirk. The building is bright pink and outside, there are christmas decorations (it was March) plastered to the bushes by all of the parking. The inside of it literally looked like a level from guitar hero, they had these pinball machines and a rock coffin in the center of the room. The people working were your every-day peeps, working quickly to cater to each guest, surrounded by bunches of pink donut boxes and revolving stands which circled with their mad donut supply.

We didn’t snag enough donuts to get the traditional pink box which slightly kills the allure, it’s usually the trophy you hold after enduring the line. Our donuts were given to us in a measly white bag, perhaps karma for copping out at the original Voodoo. My donut of choice isn’t actually pictured below, I think I ate it too excitedly before taking a picture. The rest were taken awkwardly at my doorstep, not an ideal view. I had a coconut, cake donut, which I later found out was vegan. It was bomb but texturally, it had these crunchies on top that were unnecessary. I munched awkwardly beside eela, my room pretty quiet otherwise…the crunch being so pronounced while laughing with my mouth full, it was impossible to eat it without feeling self-conscious. Eela went for the standard voodoo that has a tart raspberry filling and is surprisingly less heavy than a lot of the other options. She also got a butterfinger donut and our fourth was the pentacle, chocolate cake donut that we chose just because it looked cool, all of which were crazy rich. The kind of rich you want when splurgin’ on late night donuts, I get the craze just for that reason. I’ve been another time since and conquered with a pink box, another hand-full of flavors like the captain crunch donut and another variance of coconut, thankfully without the crunchies.

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