Cultural street fair in the Orange Circle, an event we’ve been going to for years but came across accidentally today. We went to the plaza today just because and were welcomed by the food and masses. It’s like any typical fair-type dealio, with drunken banter, loud music and foods symbolizing all kinds of culture. My sisters and I divulged into the roots of Britain, Greek, Italian, German and Mexican. To drink, we tried out some shaken lemonades (always one of the more crowded booths, pretty ladies ooze up the stand, shaking the drinks for extra tippage). Sara also purchased a pink cadillac margarita for us share. We all parted on our cultural food paths; I went with classic Italian pizza, sara with fish n’ chips and Izzy with bratwurst. Sara’s chips were overly greasy and hard to swallow fully but her fish was spot on. I had no complaints with my pizza, fluffy crust that wasn’t the slightest bit greasy and Izzy enjoyed her meal mostly, when she could get to the actual dawg sandwiched between its massive bun. It’s a step up from most things fair related, not the food that you would get at the orange county fair or theme park, this event is only for a weekend and the foods that are presented are typically done so with pride, an assurance of what each country has to offer, with the charming quirks of the people who controlled the booths to their hearty, sinful classics. I really recognized that when Sara and I went after the greek stand for some pastries. I was helped by this petite older woman, with the kindest of smiles who only recommended the best for me, The dishes she personally dies for. I’ve never really experimented with greek foods, so it was all pretty foreign to me. I recognized the baklava, loads of phyllo dough layered with honey and some sort of walnut paste. A lot of their pastries included honey, walnut and coconut. The other pastry I got was very similar to the baklava but had a more concentrated flavor of honey and also had a flan-like consistency. When looking for a little food crawl without the long distance and some corners to drink freely, despite the sweltering heat, the orange street fair is your best option and only once a year. Watch out, the crowds get heavy at night, but it beats the heat and puts the heavy on entertainment.